Photos of chihuahua, pigeon cuddling go viral, draw in thousands of donations for non-profit animal rescue

What do puppies and pigeons have in common? Viral fame.

Lundy, an eight-week-old Chihuahua unable to use his back legs, and Herman, a pigeon unable to fly likely due to a brain injury, have created an unlikely bond that is warming the hearts of millions around the world.

The adorable pair began their friendship while roommates at The Mia Foundation, a nonprofit rescue for animals with birth defects in Hilton, N.Y. Herman was brought in over a year ago as a permanent resident, while Lundy has only been at the rescue for six weeks, WHEC reported.

Sue Rogers, who runs the organization with Gary Rogers, told the outlet she was tending to Herman and Lundy when she decided to put them both in a dog bed.

“They just looked really cute together so I took some pictures and posted them to Facebook and the next morning it was crazy,” she said.

Gary and Sue were shocked by the response. Soon after Sue posted the photo on Thursday evening, it had been viewed more than 6 million times. It also garnered 20,000 reactions, 18,000 comments and 44,000 shares.

The small non-profit, which operates entirely on donations and volunteers, has also seen over $6,000 in donations since the photo went viral.

“We had requests to share our videos from Mexico, Italy, the U.K., Russia and China,” Sue said of the global interest.

“I think the world needs good stories, and when you have two species that basically fall in love, it can only touch hearts," Sue added to the outlet.

Her sentiment is clearly shared on Facebook, where thousands of comments poured in calling the odd couple “cute cute cute.”

“Omg!! So bloody cute,” one person wrote.

“More photos!!” another demanded.

Another person simply commented with “omg” followed by heart emoji.

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