1 killed, 5 wounded after 30 rounds fired at DeKalb County gas station

A drive-by shooting at a Dekalb County gas station killed one and left five people injured.

Police said a 60-year-old Earl Adams was killed. 

The violence took place Sunday night at the intersection of Redan Road and South Hairston Road.  Victims told police they had come out of the Chevron when a vehicle pulled up and at least one person started firing.

Five people ended up getting shot, four men and a woman.  Two of the victims were critically injured, including a man in his 60s.

Some of the victims ran for safety.  One person ended up at a Waffle House across the street.  Waffle House workers said the person ran inside begging for help.

People eating a Mexican restaurant, also across the street, said they heard a series of pops and then chaos.

Taj Singh owns the Redan Road gas station and smoke shop where more than 30 rounds were fired at a group of men in the parking lot the night of May 16. 

"It's dangerous. It's shameful. It's scary. Some of the employees are scared to come to work. I am from this community, I grew up here and the older generation that I've known for over 20 years, when they ask me what's going on, I don't even have an answer," Singh said Monday shortly after police arrived to gather surveillance video of the shooting.

Singh showed FOX 5 the security video of two of the men who were wounded in the gunfire. One man fell to the ground between two parked cars. A second victim managed to get into the back of the sedan. Singh said the other cars driving by were customers trying to get out of the line of fire from the gunmen. One can only catch a quick glimpse of the getaway car from the camera that shows the fatal shooting of Earl Adams. Singh said the gunmen can be seen firing at other men in the parking lot from what appears to be a grey car that was narrowly caught on camera. 

"These young people don't understand that they have a whole family they are linked to. They have loved ones that they are losing and people will miss them. They've lost their sense of humility and humanity," said Singh.

Singh plans to step up security, but hopes DeKalb County police can make an arrest and restore the community's sense of security.

"Whether you're a kid or an adult, I want everybody not to have to think twice about coming here or to other shops because this happened. It happens everywhere, but how can we control that situation? That's what business owners like me have to work with police and the sheriff to solve because this is getting drastic." said Singh. "This gun violence, this knife violence, fight violence. It's not going to lead to anything but a grave."

Investigators don't have a motive for the crime.

Anyone with information that can help detectives find the gunmen is asked to call Dekalb County Police.

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