Penguins Visit Sick Children in Calif. Hospital

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Penguins from SeaWorld visited a California children's hospital on Tuesday and brought some much needed cheer to sick children. 

The penguins from SeaWorld literally waddled through the halls of Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and then the kids got a special meet and greet. 

"Some of the children that will be coming out in this are battling cancer or battling a blood disorder of some type and many of them are here for a long period of time," said Carol Damon-Scherer with Rady Children's Hospital Foundation.

Patients filled the acute care pavilion while penguins 'Pete' and 'Penny' put on a little parade. 

One child, Maliki, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is now going to start his outpatient treatment. Seeing the penguins was definitely another perk to his big homecoming. 

The penguins' mini-march was just a preview of a much bigger fundraiser for Rady Children's Hospital. It's all in preparation for the annual family walk at SeaWorld that happens next month.