Peeping Tom: Shopper says man violated her privacy with daughter by her side

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An Acworth woman said what started as a routine trip to her local grocery store morphed into a nightmare after a man followed her around Publix and violated her privacy with her 9-year-old daughter by her side.

Now, Acworth Police are searching for the Peeping Tom, who is accused of taking pictures up a woman's dress on May 26.

"I felt a presence closer to me, and that's when I felt like I should turn around, and when I did I caught him," the victim explained to FOX 5 News. She said she didn't see him press the phone's camera button, but she "turned around quick enough to see it was still in camera mode before he flipped [the phone] all the way over and got back up."

She told FOX 5 News it happened twice -- first in the produce aisle, then again near the pharmacy. That's when she caught the man crouching down near the hem of her dress.

Detectives hope someone will recognize the man seen in the store's surveillance photos: A white male, 5'8", 200 pounds. He was seen driving a silver sedan.

"You just never think it's going to be you, and then when it does, it shocks you," the victim said. "I was scared."

Despite feeling rattled by the incident, the woman wants her voice heard, warning others to be on the lookout for the Peeping Tom as we head into the summer season when dresses are more common.

"He's still out there with my picture," she shuttered. "I truly believe he's still out there attempting to take pictures of other women; therefore, he is a danger to the public, to women, and he needs to be off the streets."