Peanut and Butter need new homes following owners passing

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Meet Peanut and Butter! That's right! These two are a bonded pair with a heartbreaking story. Butter, a Pomeranian, is about 9 years old and is blind. Peanut, a Pit Bull mix, is about 6 years old and is Butter's eyes. Butter follows him everywhere and trusts Peanut to keep him safe. 

Following the illness and unfortunate recent passing of their owner, Mr. Larry, enter Joanne Southerland, caretaker for the dogs.

The story started about five weeks ago when a 9-11 call was made to Clayton County. A gentleman, Mr. Larry, had fallen and was having trouble getting up. Southerland, did a welfare check on him and followed up, on her own time, for the next two days. The second day, upon arriving, she found Mr. Larry unconscious and had to call for an ambulance and was hospitalized. 

Mr. Larry had fallen ill and and didn't want to leave his two companions behind. He had no local family to care for them if he were to be hospitalized. So, he fought for as long as he could but his life was now in danger. Southerland promised him she would make sure his babies were cared for while he was in the hospital.

“I wanted to make his life easier when he returned home. I wanted those baby dogs to be healthy and happy when he returned…he just didn’t make it home.”

Southerland was caring for these dogs with the ultimate goal of Mr Larry coming back home to them. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse and suddenly the short term care the dogs were getting turned into a plea for a new home for them. “Butter need Peanut and they don’t have an owner. . .they certainly don’t need to lose each other too,” said Southerland.

The hunt for a foster or fabulous forever home is on for Peanut and Butter. They are a bonded pair and need to be rehomed together. Rescues or individuals interested in Peanut and Butter are asked to make contact before time runs out for these friendly companion dogs. Even a temporary situation would be acceptable for Peanut and Butter at this time.

The contact person for these dogs is Joanne Southerland who has asked she be contacted through Facebook by anyone wanting to help. “I am helping because it’s the right thing to do.  Mr. Larry needed someone to help and I did.  He loved dogs just as much as I do!”

Please, share their story in honor Mr. Larry's love for these two by helping them start a new chapter in their life.

Peanut and Butter were at The Help Spay/Neuter Clinic in Newnan.  Both dogs have been neutered and tested negative for heartworms. Yuppie Puppy has generously stepped up to offer them a place to stay, but is no way be considered a permanent situation. Butter is in need of further exploration with a vet to see why he has cataracts at his spry young age of 9. Peanut's behavior could get worse with out the normal lifestyle he is use to.

You can join their Facebook group here: Peanut and Butter

Thank you to Street Paws and Joanne Southerland for contributing to this story.