Peachtree City DUI chase ends in arrest

A Peachtree City police officer was on routine patrol when he saw a car speed past him on the right.  It almost slammed into the back of a car ahead, but swerved out of the way at the last second.  The incident was all caught on the dashboard camera.

What that video doesn’t show was that the officer was driving a big SUV with “Police” written all over it.  Not to mention, the lights nearly bumper to bumper.  Police estimated that the Land Rover speeded past the officer at 80 mph in a 55 zone. 

“Most people are pretty aware of police officers as they are driving around?  Yes.  We don’t want to get in trouble.  Most will slow down and yield. It is a natural deterrent, even myself.  It is one of those things and it normally is.  It’s just shocking that he would pass him at such a speed like that,” said Lt. Mark Brown of the Peachtree City police department.

They did arrest Shane Adams after a two county pursuit as well as a foot chase, and believe he was driving under the influence.

 “Possibly drugs and alcohol.  He has no driver’s license.  His driver’s license has been revoked and just oblivious and unconcerned about public safety,” Brown said.

And his driving got worse police said, much worse.  The video shows him weaving in and out of congested traffic and then going off road and around cars.

 “It’s about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and that’s when elementary schools and middle schools are starting to let out and buses are moving around and those kinds of thing,” Brown said. 

Peachtree City Police posted the video on their department Facebook page and immediately eyewitness started commenting.  Like Eden who said, “He passed us coming down highway 85.  Passing cars in no passing zones and going at least 80 or more.  He was weaving all over.”

Johnny commented, “I was in the middle of the chase!  Glad they got the idiot.”

Finally,  Jen wrote, “I saw him too!  He almost t-boned someone in Fairburn.  It was crazy.  Glad they got him.”

Fairburn Police eventually arrested Adams.  Peachtree City Police said he was going so fast, their officer lost sight of him.  Police charged Adams with numerous felonies including DUI and reckless driving.