Paving problem: Homeowner confronts city officials

A city manager admits his department gave the go ahead for a contractor to pave a city street even though there was a sizable leak coming from the curb.

The water leaked from a broken meter.

Homeowners along Hobson Street in southwest Atlanta said the work was done backwards. After that paving was completed, a water department crew showed up and dug up the curb to start repairs.

A resident, Gitonia Morrison-Mcbride said she found mud all over the street as the dirt mixed with the water still flowing over the pavement.

McBride decided to come down to the city council city utilities committee and deliver her complaint directly to the council members.

The homeowner said she doubts the same thing would have occurred in the more affluent sections of town, such as Buckhead.

Late Tuesday, city officials said the leak was actually the responsibility of one homeowner. Still, they pledged to return to the neighborhood and hose down the mud.

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