Passenger says she was removed from plane after complaining about vomit on seat

An airline passenger says she was removed from a plane after she complained about vomit on one of those fold out trays that had not been cleaned up.

Rosetta Swinney says when she brought it to the attention of Frontier Airlines staff, a flight attendant brought over some wipes but did not do any cleaning.

The customer says the staffer told her it was not her job.

It happened back on April 19 at the Las Vegas airport. Authorities came on board that jet to tell her she would have to leave. She refused.

Deputies took her off and cell video shows her teen daughter crying as her mom is placed in handcuffs.

The child had to endure a ride with the authorities to the local child protective office.

Atlanta lawyer Harry Daniels, who represents the customer, says none of it should have happened. He says it is the responsibility of an air carrier to ensure a plane is sanitary.

Zach Kramer, who represents Frontier, said the family was offered other seating. He said Swinney became disruptive and that is why she had to be removed.

FOX 5 News reporting from Atlanta