Parents Upset Over Caved In Sidewalk Near School Bus Stop

Parents of some Atlanta school children have some concerns about safety. And it has nothing to do with the vehicle which takes the children back and forth to class. 

Instead, the problem is where the bus stop is located. It's on Lenox Road right at the Buford Highway intersection.

For about 25 yards, there is no sidewalk, it is completely caved in. With no shoulder on the street, people who have to use a sidewalk are forced to get out onto that major street.

Residents of an adjacent apartment complex say it's been like that for several weeks.

After the community contacted us, we notified the mayor's office as well as city council member Mary Norwood, who is the council person who has made streets a priority.

Late Tuesday, city workers went out to the intersection to see for themselves. They set up barriers to seal off the large hole.