Parents pack Gwinnett County School Board meeting

It was a packed house at the Gwinnett County School Board meeting Thursday night.

As the board voted on the 2022 fiscal year budget, they were also reminded of several recent controversial issues plaguing the district. This includes the critical race theory, the search for a new superintendent, and face masks.

"I was one of the parents who came to protest so that my child didn’t have to wear a mask next year," said parent Michael Rudnick.

The controversy surrounding mask-wearing began when some parents attended a meeting last month refusing to wear a mask.

"That’s one of our American liberties to come and protest," said Rudnick.

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But during Thursday night’s meeting, some disputed the board’s decision to no longer require masks.

"The question I am posing to those that were unmasked," said State Rep. Donna McLeod. Did you really come out of our concern for our children or out of fear of change?"

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Between mask-wearing and CRT, parents can hardly enjoy their summer not knowing what the future holds especially as they await a new superintendent.

"CRT is wrong," said parent Wendy Lynch. "It’s racist, divisive, irrational, and seeks to unravel progress this country has made."

"Recently, my growing concern has been about the direction the new leadership is taking our school system," said parent Liz Greene.

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