Parents outraged: vandals break into local ball field

It was an extremely disturbing discovery at Union Park in Temple on Sunday. Vandals broke into the ball park’s concession stand, racking up hundreds of dollars in stolen property and damages.

“Who would come to do something like this?” Kerrie Hightower told FOX 5.

Parents are outraged at the news.

“Why would you want to steal from children?” Katelyn Buckner said.

Surveillance video captured two suspects busting the lock, kicking the door in, before going inside and stealing tools.

“It’s shocking that they would do this,” John Whorton said. “This is a nice area and they did it right in broad daylight minutes before parents and kids were here for Sunday’s team practice.”

Parents said the worst part is the fact that it’s a volunteer run park.

“It was disgusting because this is coming from our kids,” Hightower said. “You wouldn’t think somebody would stoop so low to do this to our youth. I was shocked.”

“This should be a safe place, not somewhere kids should be afraid of anything like that,” Whorton said.

The case remains under investigation by the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office.

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