Parents concerned after son assaulted at school

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A Lawrenceville family said it was more than just a prank, but rather assault when their son’s pants were pulled down by a classmate at school. Jimmy and Melissa Cloer said it was so severe their 8th grade son had to go to the hospital.

The Gwinnett County School District confirmed another student pulled the pants of Cloer’s son down then followed it with a physical assault at McConnel Middle School on Friday. His parents said it happened while students were about to change class with the teacher out of the classroom.

WATCH: Parents concerned after they say a classmate assaulted their son

“The kid came up from behind him and jerked his pants along with his underwear down and exposed him to the rest of his classmates,” said Melissa Cloer. “And the child hit him in his temple when he fell, he said he blacked out.”

The Cloers showed FOX 5 News discharge papers from Gwinnett Medical Center where their son was taken by ambulance from the school at their request.

 “They sent paperwork home for counseling for sexual assault and to watch him for concussion protocol,” said Jimmy Cloer.

The Cloers said their son went back to school only once to provide his account to school administrators. The family said they are reluctant to have him return until their concerns are addressed.

“Whatever needs to be done needs to be done to prevent this child and any other child from doing this to anyone else’s kid,” said Jimmy Cloer.

In a statement, the district wrote: “Although their investigation into the matter has been hindered by the victim’s absence from school, school leaders have taken appropriate disciplinary action with the student who was the aggressor. In addition, the student may face criminal charges once the police investigation into the matter is complete.”

The Cloers hope a weekend fishing camping getaway will help lift their son’s spirits after the assault at school.

“I want all the children at that school to be safe,” said Melissa Cloer. “They go to school to learn you send your kids to learn in a safe environment.”

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