Parent shocked over 'Nazi mascot' assignment

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Jamie Brown said he was first shocked and dismayed, but that quickly turned to disappointment Monday when he saw his sixth grader's social studies homework assignment.

“I think more so a bad decision made by one individual teacher,” said Brown.

A Shiloh Middle School social studies teacher assigned this task to the students:

“The year is 1935 and you have been tasked with creating a mascot to represent the Nazi party at its political rallies. Think about all of the information that you have learned about Hitler and the Nazi party. You will create a COLORFUL illustration of the mascot. Give the mascot a NAME. You will also write an explanation as to why the mascot was chosen to represent the Nazi party.”

“When you talk about mascots, mascots are used to be happy, to promote something, a positive representation like Uga, UGA so really we doing a Nazi party mascot? What are we celebrating?” asked Brown.

Brown said the assignment was not only inappropriate, but inappropriately adds to the current state of affairs in our own country.

“I just don’t think, right now, at this time and place in America this is the time for that. We need to start looking at the things that bring us together and stop looking at things that separate us as a human race,” said Brown.

Brown also said he wondered just how many other children and parents were offended and taken aback at this homework assignment.

“I can only imagine the pain of other students the pain of other students that are of Jewish descent that you would be forced to draw something that is absolutely demeaning to not only u but an entire race of people and this nation for fear of getting and for a failing grade,” Brown said.

Gwinnett County Schools released a statement to FOX 5 News which reads:

“As outlined in the Georgia Standards of Excellence curriculum for 6th grade social studies, students study the conflict and change in Europe, including the aftermath of World War I, the rise of communism as a result of the Russian Revolution, the Treaty of Versailles, the rise of Nazism, and worldwide depression. In studying this time period, they learn about Nazism, the use of propaganda, and events which resulted in the Holocaust.

“This assignment is not a part of the approved materials provided by our Social Studies department and is not appropriate and the school is addressing the use of this assignment with the teacher.”