Pacific Grove police officer on administrative leave during investigation into social media post

An officer with the Pacific Grove Police Department has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into a post on social media, officials said Sunday.

Pacific Grove Police Chief Cathy Madalone said she is "deeply concerned by these allegations" that stem from a post on the social media platform Parler, which Madalone described as "like Facebook, but without censorship."

She said the post in question, which was reported to the department, stated "F--- Black Lives Matter."

The city said in a news release that, "This is the same officer that had the controversial decals affixed to his vehicle that were reported to the city back in May of 2020. Unfortunately, the findings of that investigation were part of a personnel matter, therefore disclosure of the details of the investigation are prohibited by law."

"I want to assure the public that we are committed to providing the highest-quality public safety service regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or any other factor," Madalone said. "I urge you not to let the actions of one affect the relationships the City has built between the department, the community, and the rest of the women and men of the Pacific Grove Police Department who work tirelessly to keep the community safe. I understand this may erode the public's trust which we have worked so hard to attain and for that I am deeply sorry"."

She added that "The city takes allegations of this type of misconduct extremely seriously. If true, I want to make it clear that this conduct is contrary to our department mission, and unbecoming of any police officer and that is not the type of behavior expected of our employees."