Woodstock store owner says over 1,000 trading cards stolen during break-in

About 1,000 trading cards, stolen in a smash and grab at a Cherokee County business. The owner of BT Collectibles in Woodstock says crooks broke through his front door Sunday morning.  When he showed up he says display cases were smashed and shards of glass covered the floor

Bob Mulligan says the cash register and other memorabilia were still there, but about 1,000 trading cards that were in the first three display cases were gone.

"Pokémon--worth a lot of money. And the next case they hit was our basketball with Kobe Bryant that were graded, and Michael Jordan, and a mix of vintage cards. The third case was full of what I call the vintage baseball card," said Mulligan.

Mulligan says about 1,000 cards are missing. He says the value is about $119,000.

Cherokee County Sheriff's investigators are searching for video that will help them figure out who did this.

Since the theft, new and old customers have been stopping by to show their support.

Seven-year-old Mac Wells and his mom, Candace, stopped in to buy a few trading cards.

"I got this John Smoltz, and a Chipper Jones for three bucks," said Mac.

"We saw on Facebook that this place got broken into and have been meaning to come, so thought this was a good time to come out to show some support," said Candace.

Mulligan says one of his youngest customers left him a note that made his heart sing.

"He said, Mr. Bob, I want to give you this.  He gave me a little letter it says, 'I'm so sorry your store was robbed, and to help you out I want to give you two Pokémon cards to get started again'.

"To have this kind of community love and support means everything," said Mulligan.