Ossoff, Warnock hold joint event in Cobb County

Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff made their first joint appearance together Sunday afternoon since advancing to the runoff election.

Both candidates hope to turn the seats blue.

“We have worked really hard to flip Cobb County," an organizer said over the microphone.

The two candidates spoke in front of an energized crowd at the event at the Cobb Civic Center.

“Retirement is coming for Sen. David Purdue,” Jon Ossoff said.

Ossoff is hoping to unseat Republican Incumbent David Purdue and didn’t hold back at the outdoor rally and meet and greet

“David Purdue is chicken.” Ossoff said. “Imagine being a sitting U.S. Senator and being too much of a coward to debate your opponent in public.”

Raphael Warnock is up against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler in what’s gearing up to be a tight race.

“We need legs that will stand up so we won’t simply call people essential workers but will pay them essential wage and have essential benefits,” Reverend Raphael Warnock said.

Both candidates are urging voters to get out to the polls on January 5th.

“Thank you for the vote. Jon also thanks you for the vote but it doesn’t count unless you go back,” Warnock said.

“This is a different type of energy. I’m excited about it and I think we will surprise people,” Anderia Bishop said.

Anderia Bishop was one of many supporters that came out and said she’s working to make sure voters are educated.

“I will be honest. It will be a challenge. Often times voters have barriers getting to polls and we understand that. We are working to help people get rides,” Bishop said.

“This energy has to keep up. We have to keep people energezied but signing up for absentee ballots,” Rashaun Holliman said.

It was a time for bonding between father Rashaun Holliman and his teenage son.

“I’m actually out here because my son whose 16 years old asked to come out here to come. I’m encouraged inspired about what’s to come for our future,” Holliman said.

There’s still time to register to vote in the January Runoff Election.

The deadline is December 7.