Ossoff, Handel stump for votes in GA's 6th District race

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Early voting is underway in the special election to fill the seat in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and the candidates continue to try to reach out to voters as the clock winds down.

The election cycle has been incredibly short. Governor Nathan Deal called for the April 18 election after Congressman Tom Price was confirmed as Health and Human Services Secretary in February. 

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“It’s been a bit of a whirlwind the last few months. I think all the candidates can attest to the pace,” Democrat Jon Ossoff told a group of voters at a forum in Marietta on Monday.

A FOX 5/Opinion Savvy poll released Friday shows Ossoff leading the other 17 candidates with 40 percent of the vote. Republican Karen Handel polled in second with 20 percent.

“I’m cautiously optimistic and feeling you know, really energized about the next three weeks through the campaign,” said Handel. “I think my message of you know, really it’s time to deliver is resonating with residents of the 6th District.”

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Handel said her background in public service makes her an ideal choice.

“I have a track record of getting things done in some of the toughest of environments. As Fulton County Commission Chairman, I balanced the county budget without tax increases when people thought there was no way that was possible, implementing photo ID, taking on the Obama Administration and many other organizations to have a solid law implemented in a productive way. So, I’m going to take those good, solid problem-solving skills that I developed in the private sector and have shown that I can apply in public service, take those to Washington to problem solve and fight for the people of the 6th,” Handel explained.

Ossoff touts his time as a congressional aide and skills as an investigative film maker.

“I’m trying to run a positive campaign that is focused on core values that unite us, on the idea that we can be a strong and prosperous and secure country without sacrificing our core values,” said Ossoff.

With so many candidates in the race, the special election will likely go to a runoff between the top two candidates on June 20.

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