Organization urges sheriff's office in Florida to remove 'In God We Trust' decals from patrol vehicles

The Brevard County Sheriff is standing up to an Atheist group. The sheriff is putting the motto “In God We Trust” on all their vehicles, and the Atheist group wants him to take it off.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office’s announcement on Facebook sparked support and outrage all over the re-design of its vehicles. “We're proud of it. We’re going to stand strong with it,” said Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. Over time, all of the Brevard County Sheriff’s vehicles are going to have a new decal on them, and it’s sparking controversy because of one word: God.

But Sheriff Wayne Ivey says his lawyers okayed the decals, and he’s not backing down. “It really represents everything that’s important to us here in our community. They got a better chance of me waking up thin in the morning than they do of me not having that on our cars, and I think we both know that’s not going to happen.”

He says they’re patriotic, but the Freedom From Religion Foundation argues “it doesn’t represent patriotism. All it represents is religion.”

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As for the foundation’s letter, “it doesn’t even rise to the level of a response from me. I’m focused on the important things,” said Sheriff Ivey.

Sheriff Ivey says the decals will be added to new cars every year until the entire fleet has them. The Freedom From Religion Foundation says it’s not likely to sue the Sheriff’s Office but would like at least a response.