75-year-old pilot killed in gyroplane crash in Hall County

A deadly gyroplane crash is under investigation in Hall County.

The FAA confirmed the crash happened in the 4700 block of Clarks Bridge Road just north of Glade Farm Road in Gainesville. The road was closed for an investigation.

According to the Hall County Sheriff's Office, the 75-year-old pilot of the plane died in the crash. The FAA reported that he was the only one on board.

It was originally reported that a helicopter had crashed. A gyroplane is a type of rotocraft that uses an unpowered rotor in free autorotation to develop lift. 

Deputies said the aircraft crashed in a hay field on private property. A neighbor who spoke with FOX 5 said the pilot hit a power line first.

"It sounded like it was struggling it just kind of caught my attention it sounded like it was puttering a little bit, and it didn’t see anything but I could just hear it," said Gary Hill. "Then, I didn’t hear anything. Literally within just a couple of minutes, it was nothing but sirens and emergency vehicles coming from every single direction. I mean they were literally coming from everywhere."

The National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the crash.


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