Oldest living Georgian honored at State Capitol

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The Georgia House of Representatives honored the oldest living Georgian at the State Capitol on Monday.

Clayton County resident Maggie Katie Brown Kidd was born on Dec. 8, 1904. Last December, she celebrated her 114th birthday. Kidd had been recognized as the oldest living Georgian in 2016, the oldest living African-American in the United States in 2014, and recently was declared the 10th oldest living person in the world.

On Monday, Georgia House Rep. Valencia Stovall honored Kidd in the House Chamber at the State Capitol with a special House Resolution.

"Mrs. Kidd represents history and wisdom, and it is rare to be in the presence of someone on the same day who symbolizes both of these qualities," Stovall said in a statement. "I am humbled and excited to recognize my constituent at the State Capitol."

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According to officials Kidd has been deputized as an honorary sheriff, had a room dedicated to her at the Frank Bailey Senior Center in Clayton County, and served as the Grand Marshal in the City of Riverdale's 2017 Christmas Parade.

She said her long life was a blessing from God and attributes her living on a farm until her late 70s to her longevity.

Kidd says her secret to looking young is to drink plenty of water because it helps the skin look beautiful.

Even at 114 years old, Kidd can still do basic daily chores with very limited assistance. She prides herself on being able to get around the house and feed herself on her own despite her age.