Old Georgia flag center of debate at new museum

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The old Georgia state flag could be the only thing standing in the way of a new museum.

Wick's Tavern is the oldest commercial building in Carroll County. Historians said it was once a gathering place for gold miners in the 1800's.The building is on Wilson Street in downtown Villa Rica. The city's Downtown Development Authority is considering turning it into a museum, but there's some concern about a flag flying out front.



The building is owned by the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. In front of the building, the group flies the American Flag and the 1956 state flag of Georgia which includes the Confederate symbol. Chairman Charlie Lott told FOX 5 News he's okay with using the building as a museum, but only if the flag continues to fly.

“The flag is staying,” said Lott.

Board member Bill Taylor said the flag can be a touchy subject. Taylor hoped a compromise can be worked out, possibly displaying all of Georgia's historic flags. Others suggest using the flag as part of the museum exhibit.

“Do a display of it on the inside; having just that flag on the outside, most people may have an issue with it,” said Issac Robinson who is running for Mayor.

Carroll County resident Matilda Strickland said the flag is part of history, which is appropriate for a museum.

“If the owners want to keep the flag flying, I'm one of those that it doesn't bother me because it's history,” said Strickland.