Officials warn about fake texts from President Trump about early voting

It's a text from President Trump, or is it? Some Metro Atlanta elections officials tell FOX 5 News they've received inquiries about the supposedly presidential messages.

The texts claim to be from President Trump and claim early votes have not been recorded.

Turns out, it's a fake with according to elections officials the end game of phishing for personal information.

Michael Jones and others around the Arts Center Marta Station say they are suspicious of texts supposedly from President Trump.

"I think it's phony, fraudulent," said Jones.

The texts tell voters their early vote has not yet been recorded, urging them to vote GOP and to clink on a link to confirm a polling place.

Tyler Ashley didn't believe it.

"If it's phishing or if it's a false text message, it could be detrimental," said Ashley.

With early voting bringing big crowds all over Metro Atlanta, elections supervisors in Gwinnett and Cobb counties told FOX 5 News numerous people called asking about the fake texts. They said texts are likely a scam phishing for personal information.

Jason Shepherd, the Chairman of Cobb County's GOP, said the texts may violate some laws.

"It may be a violation of state ethics laws in terms of transparency and campaign finance," said Shepherd.

He said it's unclear who put the texts out. Shepherd said legitimate political ads will always have an important qualifier, the paid for by.

"Somewhere in it needs to say paid for by the Republican party of the Democrat party or some independent expenditure group or whatever," said Shepherd.

FOX 5 News called the number on the text which was not listed and appeared to be based in Macon. Elections officials advise anyone who gets the texts not to click on the link.

Early voting ends next Friday in Georgia and elections officials who spoke to FOX 5 News advise people not to pay attention to texts concerning votes, adding if voters have questions they should contact their county elections office.