Officials install smoke alarms in Atlanta community

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Days after a fire destroyed a home on Olympia Way, the Atlanta Fire Department canvassed the community raising awareness about the importance of smoke alarms.

"A lot of times the battery will be bad or a family will wait to get around to fixing it," Captain Arzell Bostick said. "You can't do that. It can make the difference between life and death."

WATCH: Firefighters install smoke alarms

Back on March 3rd, Fire officials say a home with 13 people inside caught on fire. Luckily, no one was hurt,  but authorities say the smoke alarm wasn't working.

Linda Headspeth told FOX 5 her family lived in the home for 42 years.

"We've been staying here so long," Headspeth said. " It's the only place we've ever called home."

Authorities told FOX 5 they are hoping this initiative will help keep the community safe.

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