Officials: Grandfather found by granddaughter was stabbed to death

A 74-year-old missing man, who was found dead in his Fulton County rental property by his granddaughter, died from stab wounds to his back, the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Saturday.

Family members said David Sherrer had been missing for a week before his granddaughter found his body covered in blood, Wednesday afternoon.

“Hardest working man I’ve ever known, great provider, he was kind of goofy, had a goofy sense of humor,” said daughter April Howard.

The Fulton County Police Department are investigating the incident.

“He was a compassionate man and I just cannot begin to wrap my mind around why anyone would do such a horrible thing to him,” said Howard.

Longtime friend, Tracey Wright, took FOX 5’s Nathalie Pozo through the rental property on Dot Drive.  There was crime scene tape lying on the ground, the smell inside was unbearable and the scene too gruesome to show on television.

“There is blood splatter in the living room, there is a big blood splat on the floor, there is a 10 foot drag mark all the way to the back bedroom,” said Tracey Wright.

Wright said Sherrer’s wallet and shoes were gone and there was no money found on him.

Loved ones said they can’t figure out who would want to hurt a man who was kindhearted, a grandfather to six, a great-grandfather to five and would have been a great-great-grandfather to two on the way.

“I have known him 40 something years and never heard him raise his voice.  This is a man who did not deserve to die this way at all.”

Sherrer’s family is trying to figure out how they are going to bury him.  They have started a fundraising website.