Officer struck by ATV describes his long road to recovery

The Atlanta police officer struck by an ATV during protests in Downtown Atlanta earlier this year had a chance to stop by police headquarters for the first time Wednesday and spoke exclusively to FOX 5 anchor Christine Sperow.

Atlanta Police Motors Unit Officer Max Brewer was helping to block traffic at the intersection of Marietta and Spring streets on the evening of May 30 for a demonstration being held when a speeding ATV struck him. Brewer was flipped in the air and fell on his head after being struck by the ATV.

"I got back to my traffic post. I noticed an ATV going up and down the street. We ignored them. Whatever reason came back up and decided to run right into me. After he hit me I was knocked unconscious," Brewer told Sperow.

Thankfully, a nearby Georgia National Guard medical unit was able to quickly stabilize the officer so he could be quickly rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

“Everybody said it looked bad. They didn't think I was going to make it,” Brewer said.

Officer Maximillian Brewer (Atlanta Police Department)

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The officer said both of his lower legs were broken by the impact. He said his left leg got the worst of it and it still has no feeling.

“Both legs, broken completely. Left leg sustained more injury. Damaged more nerves and arteries in this one. So this leg is worse than the right one,” said Brewer.

An ATV rider struck an officer blocking traffic in Downtown Atlanta during a protest on May 30, 2020. (FOX 5)

Brewer: “That was my biggest fear. Losing my legs.”

Sperow: “Is it because that's what the doctors were saying or just you knew how bad the injuries were?”

Brewer: “I knew how bad they were. I knew how bad they were.”

Officer Max Brewer visits the Atlanta Police Department for the first time since being injured on Aug. 19, 2020. (FOX 5)

Brewer said he was unconscious for more than a week after being struck. He has since undergone several surgeries since then and last week was actually able to finally go home.

Brewer said his time recovering in the hospital was very difficult especially with COVID-19 protocols in place preventing him from seeing his family or colleagues.

"I was like, why me? Why I didn't see him? I mean I had all types of questions. All types of questions," Brewer said. "I was going through that phase will I be able to ever walk again? Will I be losing my legs?"

Officer Brewer said what has given him hope and has lifted his spirits to get through this time. It's all the prayers and more than a thousand cards he has received.

The Atlanta Police Department also posted a video of Officer Brewer to their Facebook page. In the video, speaking from a wheelchair, he told supporters it will be about a month or two until he will be able to walk again.

"I'm doing well," Officer Brewer said in the video joking that no one should be surprised to see him back on his motorcycle soon.

He's about three months into what will be one year of recovery as he works to walk again on his own two feet

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The department has since set up a GoFundMe page for the 18-year veteran to help offset medical expenses and help his family. Donations can be made at