Atlanta officer struck by ATV during protest 'in good spirits' while recovering in ICU

It has been nearly a week since Atlanta police officer Maximillian Brewer was struck by an ATV as he stood blocking an intersection during a protest in downtown Atlanta. Friday, the city of Atlanta released a photo taken of the officer in good spirits as he continues to recover in the ICU at Grady Memorial Hospital.

The photo shows six dedicated health care professionals surrounding the officer as a bouquet of balloons bobbed above his recovery bed. The 18-year veteran of the force gives the camera a wave. The "get well soon" balloons were sent Friday by the Atlanta City Council.

This is also the first look at the extent of the officer's injuries, appearing to have a cast on each of his legs. The Atlanta Police Department said Officer Brewer was working the motor unit stationed at the intersection of Marietta and Spring streets to block traffic when an ATV sped past around 10:30 p.m.

Police said the same ATV returned to the intersection and struck Brewer. A nearby Georgia National Guard medical unit is being credited with getting the officer stabilized quickly to be rush to the hospital.

The rider of the ATV suffered minor injuries and was taken into custody on several charges including DUI and reckless driving.

No word on how long it will take to get Officer Brewer back on his feet. His family said Friday he will need to learn to walk again once he is healed.

Brewer’s daughter Samaris Payne said, “To know him is to love him, he’s just all-around amazing... I thank everyone for uplifting him and sending your prayers, I really appreciate it.”

The department has set up a GoFundMe page to help offset medical expenses and help his family. To make a donation, click here.