Offensive slur on car, house ruins Mother's Day for local family

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It was a disappointing start to Mother's Day for one family in Snellville.

Kristi Logue said someone painted an offensive slur all over her car and her garage overnight. Logue noticed the vandalism when she walked outside Sunday morning.

"That doesn't describe me....I'm upset, mad and angry. I feel helpless and hopeless because I don't think anyone will know who did it," Logue said.

Logue told FOX 5 she moved into her house just two days ago. She doesn't understand why anyone would write the word on her property. But she's thankful that some of her new neighbors helped clean up the damage. 

Still, the mother of two canceled her trip to church because she was so upset over the ordeal. "My day is ruined. But I have to be strong for my kids," Logue insisted.

Snellville Police responded to the vandalism call. There are no suspects.

If you have any information, please call police.