North Texas toddler recovering after bite from copperhead snake

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A North Texas toddler is recovering after a bite from a two-foot long copperhead.

The 19 month old’s mom was busy securing the car seat in the driveway of the family's Glen Rose farm when Wesleigh suddenly screamed.

“I could tell it was a hurt scream, so I turned around and picked her up and started seeing is something was wrong if she was bleeding. I didn’t see anything,” said mom Sydnee Miller.

Sydnee then noticed a small drop of blood coming from her daughter's foot and spotted the source of Wesleigh's pain slithering towards her.

“I looked behind me and the snake was staring right at me,” Sydnee said.

A two-foot long copperhead bit Wesleigh's left ankle. Miller called her fiance for help.

“I just killed it and we went up there to the ER in Glen Rose,” fiancé Stone Miller said.

Wesleigh was transferred by ambulance to Cook Children's in Fort Worth.

“I was trying to stay calm for her because I knew if she saw me upset she would only get worse,” Stone said.

Christi Thornhill, director of trauma services for Cook Childen's, says mom's calm demeanor and quick thinking were key to Wesleigh's survival.

“Really, the best thing that you can do is get to a medical facility where they can be evaluated and if necessary -- get pro fab,” Thornhill said.

Thornhill also had some advice for people who get a snakebite.

“If you’re ever bit keep the patient calm, which most of us aren’t going to stay calm. But it increases your heart rate and it’s going to circulate that venom more,” Thornill said.

Hospital officials said Wesleigh’s snakebite was the first they’ve seen this year.

Wesleigh was admitted to the ICU and according to mom, given three vials of anti-venom over the course of 48 hours. Wesleigh was transferred to a regular room Tuesday night where she continues to improve.

The young girl is eager to get back to playing on her farm -- and mom will be keeping a watchful eye.

“I’ve never had a close encounter that was the first and hopefully the last,” Sydnee said.