Non-profit mobile service washes laundry for homeless

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Photo: Orange Sky Laundry Facebook

Meet the the group that makes sure homeless in their area have clean clothes. They're Orange Sky Laundry, a non-profit organization that travels around Australia, almost caravan-style. In the back of their vehicles are washers and dryers.

They have one mission: helping the homeless have tidy threads. Their vision: "...a world where people who are homeless are positively connected with the community."

Who makes this happen? Volunteers who are working to raise health standards, restore respect, and reduce strain on resources.

Orange Sky sparks conversations, gives opportunities, and educates everyone they meet. Two friends founded the organization in 2014 and have grown to have a board of eight members with endless skills and experience. And as different as they all may be, they share the same goal: making sure they hit the streets of Australia.

But they aren't doing it all on their own. With the help of food trucks, meals will be cooked and eaten while clothes are being cleaned.

Right now, a generator powers the van...and water is sourced from local parks and businesses.



Right now, Orange Sky Laundry operates in seven areas of Australia: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne SE, and Perth.

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