No wood? Family builds first house made of foam in Phoenix

A newly constructed home in the Phoenix area is the first of its kind; it's built completely out of foam.

Builders say it's easier to work with than wood, it's earth-friendly, and the best part? It's a lot cheaper, too.

"We're so thrilled with it. We love every part of it," said David Stockton.

Stockton and his family are the proud owners of Phoenix's first house made of foam.

"Everybody we talk to is curious. And then when they come see it, they can't believe it, that it's foam," said Stockton.

From the looks of it, you'd never be able to tell there is not a single piece of wood used in the structure. Builders say it's stronger than wood, cheaper than wood, takes less time to build, and it's earth-friendly.

"It really seemed like a good deal. It seemed like something we could afford and be able to build the kind of house we were looking to build for our daughter," said Stockton.

"It comes in large blocks, and it goes together much like Legos," said Jeremy Pollock, the general contractor of the house. "I've been building traditional homes for 20 years, so when I heart about it, it intrigued me in many ways."

The foam was created by a master structural engineer. He started a company called Strata that now creates the foam for home and commercial purposes.

More of these foam houses are being built across the country and right here in Arizona.