'Ninja thieves' target neighborhoods in DeKalb County

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DeKalb County Police are looking for thieves after a string of burglaries in some East Atlanta neighborhoods. 

Investigators say that over the last few weeks there has been a number of break-ins in the area. FOX 5's Marissa Mitchell spoke with families who have talked about the crimes and shared surveillance video online.

Police confirmed an attempted burglary happened at a home on Grandview Circle earlier this month which was captured on surveillance video. Just days later, Mitchell learned someone stole an iPad and camera from a house nearby on Kickerillo Way, according to an incident report.

The homeowner says a group of thieves were caught on surveillance video walking in his driveway near the time of the incident. And in that case, as well as others, families say the group or groups are covered in clothing, so they've nicknamed them the "ninja thieves."

Mitchell also spoke to Kevin Perry, a man who called 911 after a burglary happened near his home on Gresham Avenue on Friday morning. He said his surveillance cameras did not capture the thieves since the break-in happened in the back of the home.

DeKalb County Police told Mitchell that at this time detectives cannot say for certain the same people are committing all the crimes. However, they are looking into that possibility as they investigate the incidents.

If you have any information that could help solve these cases, please call DeKalb County Police.