Nine arrests made after another night of peaceful protests

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Protesters peacefully clashed with police for a second night in Atlanta. And police made more arrests for walking on public streets. Nine protestors were taken into custody and charged with violation of their pedestrian duties.

The protestors marched the roadways of Atlanta starting in the area of 17th Street to Edgewood Avenue and Boulevard without incident until around midnight. Police were forced to act when it became apparent that continuing to allow the march would put the protestors at risk of injury.

The fact was made clear when participants were nearly struck by a motorist. Atlanta Police could not allow protestors to place themselves in further danger by taking the interstate on foot and blocking major intersections with interlocked arms. The protestors were given several verbal warning to stay off roadway stay off interstate and to not obstruct the roadway.

Demonstrators took to the 17th Street Bridge in Midtown. Some protesters blocked traffic for a time to call attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police eventually were able to move the crowd back onto the sidewalks.

The protesters then began to march through Midtown Atlanta carrying a large banner reading “Black Lives Matter”.

From the 17th Street Bridge, protesters began to walk down West Peachtree Street to 14th Street and then over to Peachtree Street.

Protesters blocked Peachtree Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue for a time before moving further south on Peachtree Street.

The protesters blocked several other intersections along Peachtree Street as they made their way through Atlanta.

The crowd ended up near Georgia's Capitol Building where they were met with a line of Georgia State Troopers.

Protesters ended up walking around downtown for several hours. Some arrests were made as protesters continued to walk into the middle of the roadways.