NFL’s Michael Thomas donates to non-profit group to help clear medical debt for New Orleans residents

Michael Thomas, a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, has partnered with the non-profit RIP Medical Debt to clear over $2 million in past due medical debts for over 1,000 Louisiana residents. 

According to, a donation of $20,000 made by Thomas to the organization will help to “relieve more than $2 million in outstanding medical debts for people struggling to make payments in the Greater New Orleans Area.”

"I'm honored to support my community in this way and make an impact in the city that's been so welcoming to me from the minute I came here," Thomas said in a press release. "I hope these families receive a little relief in knowing their medical bills have been taken care of during these very difficult times in our country.“

RIP Medical Debt says it is "dedicated to removing the burden of medical debt for individuals and families and veterans across America." The organization says it buys and forgives medical debt across the country, according to its website. 

Thomas previously made headlines when a video posted by NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes featured Thomas and several other players voicing their support for equality and change in the wake of anti-racism protests that have erupted around the country. 

In a video released on June 4, several NFL players asked the league to “condemn racism and the systemic oppression of black people” and “admit wrong in silencing players from peacefully protesting.”

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The league issued a statement prior to the video, saying: “We stand with the black community because black lives matter. Through Inspire Change, the NFL, players and our partners have supported programs and initiatives throughout the country to address systemic racism. We will continue using our platform to challenge the injustice around us.”

This story was reported in Los Angeles.