Newton County woman in need of new kidney

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A Newton County woman has been hoping for a miracle for quite some time. 

Kayla Boree, 25, is newly-married and dreaming of one day starting a family.  However, in order to do so, she needs a kidney transplant and has been on a waiting list at Emory for five years.

Kayla’s kidneys suddenly failed at 14-years-old after she was sickened by eating contaminated shrimp. She received a kidney from her aunt and was able to live a pretty normal teenage life, but six years ago that kidney failed.  

Now, Kayla has zero kidney function and needs dialysis to stay alive.

It’s been incredibly hard to find a donor because Kayla’s immune system has produced antibodies that will cause her immune system to reject any kidney that isn’t a very close match.  To help find a donor, friends have created a Kayla Needs A Kidney Facebook page

Kayla knows her miracle is out there. She just has to find it.

If you're interested in being tested to be a potential donor contact Emory University Hospital at 1-855-366-7989 or click here. Kayla's blood type is A+.