Newborn puppy 'scalped,' taken to Bay Area animal shelter

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Photo: Umbrella of Hope 

A three day old puppy was scalped from ear to ear and was taken to Umbrella of Hope, an animal rescue in Pittsburg.

The puppy, called Hoka, no longer has ears. His ear canals are still closed due to his age, but they have now been covered with skin. According to Umbrella of Hope, if Hoka survives he will need surgery so he can hear. Over the next several weeks Hoka will need 24-7 care to have a chance at survival, according to Umbrella of Hope.

A veterinarian was able to close his wounds. Hoka is nursing on a bottle and is being kept as warm and comfortable as possible. "He is being given immune support and we just have to hope he is strong enough to ward off shock," said Umbrella of Hope.

Hoka was dropped off at Umbrella of Hope by someone who "saw him walking down the street." They believe due to Hoka's age and injuries it would be impossible for him to walk down a busy street. They believe the person who dropped him off lied to them about where Hoka was found and gave them a fake phone number.

It's unclear how Hoka suffered his wounds. Contra Costa Animal Services is willing to investigate any legitimate leads regarding Hoka and how he may have been injured. Anyone with information on Hoka, his littermates or parents is asked to email There's a $500 reward for information that leads to the person responsible for the abuse.

Donations towards his extensive medical care can be made online.

An Amazon Wish List for his specific needs is posted here.