New soldiers head through Atlanta airport for deployment

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Dozens of young men and women heading out to serve our country spent part of Thanksgiving at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  They just graduated from basic training and are now being deployed. 

They just went through the toughest 16 weeks of their lives, basic training. 

"There were times where I was like, is this for me? But I thought, I made it this far, I'm not going to quit," said Leogi Washington.

"The scariest part about basic training was the gas chamber, didn't know what you were walking into," said Tyler Bass.

With nervous anticipation, they're heading to military bases across the country. Jace Garner is going to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

"I'm a cavalry scout, we're the eyes and ears of the Army, so I'll be doing reconnaissance," said Garner.

Before the new troops left for their first assignments, they found one last bit of comfort at the USO at Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. The USO has been serving Thanksgiving dinner for three days, just to make sure everyone got their fill of Turkey and pumpkin pie. 

Sandra McPhail knows what it's like to deploy and find comfort in the USO, her dad was in the military.

"We were on our way to Alaska to see my dad, funds were real low at the time, my mom and four kids and we were told about the USO, a resting spot," said McPhail.

McPhail was at the USO as the brave, young soldiers headed out.  She offered a smile, an encouraging word, and a few hugs.

The food for the Thanksgiving dinner at the USO was supplied by Delaware North and Vingenzos.