New ordinance looks to increase gas station security

Fulton County is fighting back against criminals who prey on drivers at gas stations.

The county commission passed a resolution that forces gas station owners with high crime statistics to create a security plan or face losing their liquor license. Commissioner Marvin Aarington Jr., whose father was carjacked over the Christmas holiday, authored the resolution.

“What my proposal states is, instead of their liquor licenses being suspended or revoked, they can hire security and implement a security plan with Fulton county police,” Aarington Jr. Told his colleagues.

It was a concept that didn’t even get a second motion two weeks ago.

Homeowners, who have worked around the clock on the issue, applauded the progress.

“I can surmise this up in one word, success. Today was a huge success for the community and showed by galvanizing with our government, by working with our police, we can all work together to create positive change,” south Fulton advocate Daphane Jordan said with a smile.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard’s $2 million Red Hat squad is still on the table and will likely be revisited in two weeks.

It involves 28 dedicated police officers, new camera equipment for all of the high crime gas stations countywide, and a harder line on releasing repeat offenders.

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