New non-profit family counseling center opens its doors

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(Courtesy: CHRIS 180)

A new counseling center for children opened its doors to the public in the historic Westside community of Atlanta this week.

CHRIS 180, an Atlanta-based non-profit dedicated to healing children and families with holistic health services and trauma-informed care, held an open house Thursday at its Westside Empowerment Center.

The center, which is located at 810 Joseph E. Boone Blvd., opened its doors in late February. Since then, it has taken on 35 active clients for which it provides individual and family therapy- for younger children and adults, couples counseling, and individualized treatment approaches. CHRIS 180 organizers hope to have 150 by 2020.

The organization aims to make counseling more accessible, in order to equip more families with the tools and resources to cope with challenging and difficult situations.

“We look forward to continuing our work and partnerships with residents of the Westside community,” said Kathy Colbenson, President  & CEO of CHRIS 180. “The addition of this center will allow us to improve communication and relationships within families, and ultimately help families become stronger and more confident.”

The program is funded by generous donations from The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, The J.B. Fuqua Family Foundation, Inc., Kaiser Permanente and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

For more information, the community can call the center at 404-481-5790.