New information in Chattanooga Marine murders

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is treating the murder of four Marines in Chattanooga as an act of terror. FOX 5 has learned one of the murdered Marines was a Marietta man. As investigators track the suspected shooter’s tracks, they are releasing information about Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez's final days.

The F.B.I. said Abdulazeez carried two long guns and one handgun during his rampage, and at least one of those guns was not legally registered. He wore a load-bearing vest during that massacre, which allowed him to carry extra ammunition.

An Ohio company has also said Abdulazeez failed at least one background check for their company, though it has not released details about why. Also, the government confirmed it is looking into his international travel, saying no aspect of Abdulazeez's life will go unchecked.

Meanwhile in Chattanooga, friends and family are still picking up the pieces after Thursday’s tragedy. Many are contributing to growing memorials for the murdered Marines.