New Buckhead gaming concept 'Activates' mental and physical skills

Teamwork. It’s something we know all about here at Good Day Atlanta. And while we fancy ourselves experts on the subject, a new entertainment destination in Buckhead might just prove that we know a lot less than we think we do!

We’re talking about Activate, the unique entertainment-fitness-gaming facility which is already a hit in several North American cities and has finally arrived here in Atlanta. Located at 4540 Roswell Road, Suite A in Buckhead — Activate is a high-tech playground featuring interactive arcade-style games that require both physical and mental agility. But don’t let the word "arcade" fool you — these are full-scale, totally immersive games that’ll have you running across a lighted floor and avoiding laser beams! 

The games each last one to three minutes and are meant for teams of two to five players. Teams may choose from hundreds of combinations of games — and even better, may choose their own difficulty level! And no little scorecards and golf pencils needed; electronic wristbands track scores along the way.

Online booking is available, and costs $24.99 on Mondays through Thursdays and $29.99 on Fridays through Sundays for 75 minutes inside. For more information and to book a time, click here.

So, back to that Good Day Atlanta "teamwork." Sure, we work well together…but things can also get a little competitive, as you may have noticed. So, how did our morning at Activate Games turn out? Click the video player in this article to find out!