New crime linked to trio of wallet-stealing women

A new crime has been linked to the trio of women accused of stealing employees' wallets at retail stores across north Georgia.  

One of the women is now suspected of stealing the identity of a Spalding County teacher and trying to buy thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and electronics. 

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Victoria Sweatt teaches 2nd grade in Spalding County. Investigators say the suspect created a convincing Georgia driver’s license and has attempted to purchase thousands of dollars worth of electronics and jewelry with Victoria’s credit card info. 

Although the trio of women has preyed on store clerks by sneaking into back offices and stealing their wallets, Sweatt says she has no clue how the woman stole her personal information.

“It’s scary because we have two children and I’m pregnant and she has my address,” Sweatt said.

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Victoria Sweatt

Spalding County investigators are now working with the Carroll County deputies. That’s where the trio first came to light with the theft of a nurse’s wallet from the office of a nursing home. 

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The three women are accused of similar crimes in Peachtree City, Covington, and Hiram as well as Carroll and Spalding Counties. 

Investigator Julie Mayer of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office says the license was a convincing fake.

“It had all of the security features, but instead of a driver’s license number they had used her social security number which the state doesn’t do anymore,” Mayer said. 

Anyone who can help investigators identifying anyone if these three women, call the Spalding County Sheriffs Office. 

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