Deputies search for trio of women after nurse's wallet was stolen

Deputies in Carroll County are wanting to talk to three women about a theft at a nursing home facility last Thursday.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo and video of the three women on Monday on their Facebook page. They said the women were caught on camera going behind the counter at the Carrollton Nursing and Rehab facility located on US-27. Police said before entering the facility, the trio also broke into at least one car in the parking lot.

Deputies in Carroll County are searching for these three women after a nurse's wallet was stolen on Feb. 20, 2020. (Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

Investigators said they stole a nurse’s wallet and then went to a Walmart in Breman to try to use the victim’s debit and credit cards.

Video shows one of the women going into the office behind the counter of a nurse’s station and into an office. It then shows a woman comes out, appearing to place something into her pants as the other women look on.

The trio may also be linked to another theft in Paulding County.

Authorities are working to get the surveillance video from Walmart.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Carrol County Sheriff’s Office