New Atlanta police cameras help make arrests

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It was 4 a.m. and within walking distance of the governor's mansion, four criminals were on the job. 

Atlanta police said they tripped a residential alarm when they tried to get into a vehicle. The men jumped back into their car and believed they could make a clean getaway.

Not so fast.

There was a public street camera with the capability of reading a car tag -- even in the dark -- which enabled authorities to track that car. 

From Atlanta's video integration center, police watched every turn the suspects made. After awhile, squad cars converged and stopped the four. Inside the vehicle, they found stolen items and weapons. Their next trip was in a paddy wagon. 

Atlanta is not stopping at city boundaries for the new camera protection. It is seeking agreements with neighboring governments to place cameras just cross the line. Sandy Springs has already agreed. 

The Buckhead commander Major Van Hobbs said criminals know no boundaries.