Neighbors react after double shooting at vigil: 'It is time for me to leave'

Neighbors in a southeast Atlanta apartment complex say enough is enough.

They are reacting to a double shooting Monday evening that left one teenager dead and another person injured.

Atlanta Police have confirmed the area is the same complex where two teens were murdered last year.

"He said he heard something say pop, pop, pop, like three shots, pow, pow, a firecracker," Kameeta Hendricks recalled.

The frustrated mom moved her six children to the Villages at Carver Apartments, hoping it would be safer than where she was before.

However, since she has been here, two teens were murdered last year and Monday night, bullets started flying again and another teen ended up dead.

"My nephew ran in the house and said, ‘It's a boy laying across the street dead.’ Across from where I stay at," Ms. Hendricks exclaimed.

"I am freaked out about it because I am not use to this on a regular basis. It is not something I am use to. My kids aren't use to it either. They are scared," another mom said.

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Atlanta Police investigate after two people were shot along Moury Avenue on June 19, 2023. (FOX 5)

FOX 5 News has learned the teen killed Monday is 18 years old. The second person injured was 19.

Neighbors say he was shot during a vigil for last year's victims, Jamarquez McCrary and Nyriek Olds. In another bold move, officers were seen taken off running. Atlanta Police confirmed shots were fired last night as their investigators processed the scene, but they said no one was injured during the second shooting.

"They say it started from a vigil. I have six kids in all, two girls and four Black boys. It is sad really because these Black boys are killing our young Black boys, for nothing. It is time for me to leave," Hendricks said.

Atlanta Police are working this case, but have made no arrests yet.