Neighbors living in fear after deadly home invasion

Some Lawrenceville homeowners are on edge after a second homeowner reports a home invasion attempt in the same Lawrenceville subdivision where a grandfather was shot during a home invasion.

James Ruark, 60, is still in the hospital after being shot in the chest August 18. His daughter-in-law called Ruark after her 14-year-old son called her saying an unfamiliar silver car was in the driveway and three men were trying to break in the home on Long Circle.

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Now, a second homeowner in the same Plantation Court subdivision says someone tried to break into her house when her 12 -year-old son was home alone last Monday.

"About 3 p.m. he called me and said someone was banging on the screen door and continued to bang," said the woman who did not want to reveal her identity.  "Then, rang the door bell, banged on the door and wouldn't let up. So, he ran into the closet and called me."

She called her next door neighbor, who ran over to help. The family also has quite a few rescue dogs who were viciously barking and could have scared the intruders off.

Gwinnett County Police are trying to determine if both incidents, in the same neighbor with similar circumstances, are related.