Neighborhood near NRG has faith in Super Bowl security

On the eve of the biggest sporting event in America, a brisk walk from where the game will go down you could call it "the calm before the storm" on Holly Hall Street, and Island Sizzler's Ivy Queen is totally stoked.

"Money, money, money, money, money," said Queen with a laugh.

She and her crew have zero concern about security when these empty streets just south of NRG are filled curb to curb with fans.

"They beefed up the security, naturally, in this area. We are right here by the stadium. We have undercover officers come in and see us, so we feel secure, honestly we do. We feel very well protected," said Queen.

That seems to be the overwhelming consensus in a neighborhood that's no stranger to monster crowds.

"We see a lot of helicopters flying over and I'm actually glad because I think they are making sure we are all safe. I don't think we have a problem at all," said mail carrier Jackie Fontenot.

"Honestly, I see the presence here, that assures me of my safety," added resident Kenneth Spears.

We looked for grumbling and resentment and frankly, couldn't find any.

Eric Anderson says every local soul he knows is both welcoming and proud.

"I think we learned from the last Super Bowl in 2004. It's gotten bigger and better, we upgraded a whole lot," said Anderson.

Like we said, no hard feelings on Holly Hall.