NC college graduation held inside hospital for new mother

A college graduation commencement ceremony was held inside a North Carolina hospital over the weekend.

Guilford College senior Juliet Smith was all set to attend the ceremony taking place on Saturday, but her unborn baby had other plans.

Smith started going into labor late Friday night and was still in the hospital while her classmates attended the ceremony.

"Surreal doesn't even come close to describing how it feels. There was no way I was going to make it to graduation after giving birth to this perfect boy," said Smith.

Since she couldn't make it to commencement, commencement came to her.

A professor played "Pomp and Circumstance" on the tuba as another associate professor pushed her wheelchair into a special room at the hospital.

"It means so much that the Guilford community would do this for me. I feel like I could say so much and none of it could come out in words that are right."

Other school officials were there and applauded as Smith, cradling her new baby boy, was given her own commencement ceremony.

Baby Milo wasn't due for another three weeks, but he's healthy and all it took was one look at her newborn son for Smith to get over her anger about missing the ceremony.

"He's the best graduation present I could ever ask for."

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