Nathaniel Johnson on trial for theft, racketeering, and practicing medicine without a license

Cobb County prosecutors say an unlicensed doctor who performed cosmetic procedures on women is on trial for racketeering and the unlawful practice of medicine.

He is a man our FOX 5 I-Team knows well.  It was more than ten years ago that our I-Team first reported on the legal problems of then Dr. Nathaniel Johnson.

Johnson pleaded guilty to Medicaid fraud and lost his license to practice medicine.  Cobb prosecutors say after serving time Johnson began practicing medicine again.

Senior I-Team reporter Dale Russell was in court as the case unfolded.

“I saw all those awards on the wall, I'm thinking I found the doctor of my dreams,” testified patient Monique Broscious. 

The man Monique Broscious consulted with, prayed with, and she says performed a cosmetic procedure on her was not a licensed doctor.

“He told me he had been doing this for years, pointed out other things that he could do to my body to make it body. So, I didn't have a reason not to think he wasn't a doctor,” testified Broscious. 

It is not the first time the I-Team has reported on Nathaniel Johnson's troubles in a courtroom.

Eleven years ago, the FOX 5 I-Team investigation found Dr. Johnson allowed this man, Jeff Romeus, to pose as a licensed doctor in Dr. Johnson's gynecology practice.  Romeus was a Guyana medical school graduate, but not a licensed doctor.

Following our report, the state prosecuted Dr. Johnson and he pled guilty to Medicaid fraud, conspiracy to defraud the state, and aiding the unlicensed practice of medicine in 2014. He was ordered to repay taxpayers $300,000 in restitution and surrender his medical license.

Johnson served six months behind bars and was out on probation, running his Hello Beautiful Cosmetic Surgery center in Smyrna when Monique Broscious found him in 2016. And so did Cobb County Police

Johnson and two employees are now in court facing 90 counts of theft by deception, racketeering, and the unlawful practice of medicine.

“His conceit was he thought the rules didn't apply to him,” said prosecutor Jason Marbutt in court.

In his opening statement, prosecutor Jason Marbutt told the jury that Johnson opened a cosmetic surgery clinic and performed procedures on patients. Marbutt argued Shannon Williams posed as a nurse, and she and Dr. Peter Ulbrich worked side by side with Johnson knowing Johnson was no longer a licensed doctor.

“This is a criminal case. The proceedings shouldn't have happened at all,” said Marbutt.

“This case is about the road to redemption,” countered Johnson’s attorney Dwight Thomas.

Thomas told the jury everything Johnson did was appropriate and permissible and that Johnson was just an office administrator.

But, Monique Broscious testified Johnson was in the operating room during her procedure.

“Dr. Johnson was on one side; Dr. Ulrich was on the other side,” testified Broscious.

Under cross-examination, Thomas got her to admit she signed paperwork before that procedure saying Dr. Peter Ulbrich would be her physician.

Still, she dug in her heels and insisted Nathaniel Johnson lied to her about being a doctor. 

“Every day I remember exactly what happened to me. Every day I remember exactly who I spoke to, how they introduced themselves and who took my money. Every day,” testified Broscious.

Prosecutor Jason Marbutt told the jury there are 45 victims in the case, but not all of them will testify. The trial is expected to last into next week.