Nathan Wade's estranged wife says he’s failed to pay spousal support since resigning from Fani Willis' office

Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade testifies during a hearing in the case of the State of Georgia v. Donald John Trump at the Fulton County Courthouse on February 15, 2024 in Atlanta. (Photo by Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty Images)

The estranged wife of ex-special prosecutor Nathan Wade said in a Georgia court filing Friday that Wade claims his resignation from his post at the Fulton County District Attorney's office "constitutes a substantial change in circumstance, rendering him unable to meet his financial obligation" in their divorce proceedings. 

Wade was hired in 2021 by DA Fani Willis to help prosecute the sweeping election interference case against former President Trump. She was accused by Trump and co-defendants of having an "improper" affair with Wade.

On March 15, Wade resigned after a Georgia judge gave Willis an ultimatum of either Willis or Wade quitting the case to move forward. 

Joycelyn Wade, from whom Nathan Wade filed for divorce, alleged in Friday's court filing that due to her soon-to-be ex-husband's "consistent failure to provide accurate or timely discovery or responses in this matter, [she] sought updated financial documentation from Fulton County regarding Plaintiff's employment as a Special Assistant District Attorney." 

Timeline: Fulton County DA Fani Willis, Nathan Wade controversy

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis testifies in her disqualification hearing on Feb. 15, 2024. (FOX 5)

According to the filing, Nathan filed an emergency motion April 8 to modify his payment agreement to Joycelyn. The Fulton County Chief Financial Officer revealed Nathan was issued two checks dated three days before filing his motion, totaling $53,000.

"There appears to be no plausible explanation other than Plaintiff's deceitfulness to justify his pursuit of emergency relief from this Court on April 8, 2024, alleging essentially insolvency when he had received Fifty-Three Thousand Dollars only three (3) days prior," the document states. 

"As additional evidence of Plaintiff's lack of candor and deceit towards this Court, both checks and corresponding invoices to Fulton County pertain to work performed in October and November of 2023. Plaintiff did not resign until March 15, 2024; thus, it is reasonable to infer that there are further outstanding payments due to Plaintiff that likely have not been disbursed as of the current date." 

On April 4, Joycelyn accused Nathan of failing to pay her court-ordered expenses and said he should be held in "contempt of court."

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She alleged that her husband, with whom an agreement in divorce proceedings was made earlier this year, had neglected to pay court-ordered medical expenses, contributing to a "worsening" health condition that could "necessitate emergency intervention."

"Defendant urgently requires medical procedures, namely an endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasound, due to severe physical symptoms she has been enduring. These symptoms have significantly impacted her ability to consume most foods, leading to a substantial weight loss, notwithstanding her already slender stature when in better health," the filing stated.

Nathan Wade defends ‘workplace romance’ with Fani Willis

Nathan broke his silence earlier this month about his "workplace romance" with Fani Willis, which he said was "American as apple pie." 

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Nathan spoke to ABC News' Linsey Davis in his first media interview since resigning from his role as special counsel.

"Workplace romances are as American as apple pie," Nathan said in an interview that aired on "Good Morning America." "It happens to everyone. But it happened to the two of us."

Asked if he regretted the relationship, Nathan said he did because it became the focus of the case.

House Republicans have invited Nathan to interview with the House Judiciary Committee, and chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio said Nathan's role in the case is too important to "go unquestioned." 

Wade did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment. 

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