'Myrtle' the piglet gets a new set of wheels

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Meet Myrtle. She's a 2-month-old piglet from Forsyth County that is already creating a social media buzz.

Myrtle was born with a disability that renders her back legs unable to function. She lacks several bones, including knees. The piglet was adopted six weeks ago by Cumming resident Jami Ozubko.

"She just has this ability to inspire people" Ozubko told FOX 5's Will Nunley.

Ozubko was contacted by a breeder in Florida who was looking for a foster parent to adopt the piglet in hopes it would survive.

"We made the 28-hour round trip to Florida and brough her here for a posh little life" Ozubko said.

Jami has experience fostering pigs with special needs. Myrtle now joins two other pig-pals to be raised in an enviorment that will allow for some special care.

Since coming to Georgia, Myrtle's story has gotten some attention on social media. Her fan base included a group call Wheels For Pets that specializes in creating custom wheelchairs for animals with disabilities. When they learned of Myrtle's story, the group donated a wheelchair at no cost. Ozubko says she donated money to the group to keep the "cycle of giving" going.

Jami, who now calls herself "Myrtle's mother," says the plan now is to allow the piglet's story to grown on social media, hopefully ofering some inspiration to people (and pigs) that may be challenged in life by a disability.

"She is fearless. There is nowhere she won't go, she will jump" Ozubko adds.

Now complete with a new set of wheels, Jami hopes her inspirational and heartwarming story will give this swine 'a chance to shine'.

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Myrtle's story is also available on YouTube.